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Detached Retina Naples, FLOne of the most serious eye conditions a person can suffer is a detached retina. Naples, FL patients with this problem should contact Malkani Retina Center for fast, efficient eye care to repair the retina and prevent permanent vision loss. Dr. Malkani, founder and operator of Malkani Retina Center, specializes in surgical services for vitreoretinal diseases and conditions. As one of the most talented and experienced retina surgeons in Southwest Florida, Dr. Malkani gives patients their best chance for recovering lost vision and halting the devastating effects of a detached retina.

What Causes a Detached Retina?

A detached retina occurs when the film that sits against the inside of the back wall of the eye (the retina) leaves its normal position and separates from the wall. The retina takes images through the eye and transmits them to the brain via the optic nerve, creating the pictures you see. It is a light-sensitive tissue that is extremely important for vision. When the retina detaches, it becomes pulled or lifted away from the back of the eye, causing serious vision loss. If left untreated, the retina will die, resulting in permanent eyesight loss.

A retinal detachment can happen to anyone, at any time. However, there are a few risk factors that increase a person’s chances of experiencing a detached retina. Naples, FL citizens with these factors should be especially vigilant with eye exams to catch detachment early:

  • Older than the age of 40
  • Caucasian male
  • Extreme nearsightedness
  • Previous retinal detachment in one eye
  • Family history of retinal detachment
  • Those who have undergone cataract surgery
  • Those with high myopia or a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD)
  • Eye injury
  • Other eye diseases, including uveitis, degenerative myopia, retinoschisis, or lattice degeneration

Detached retinas occur more commonly in men than in women and more in Caucasians than African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos. If you experience a sudden decrease in vision or an increase in the number of flashes and floaters you see in your central field of vision, your retina may be detaching from the eye’s back wall. Retinal detachment is an emergency eye condition that requires immediate attention from an eye care professional. Learn more about retinal detachment.

More About Detached Retinas in Naples, FL

The longer you wait to see a professional for a detached retina, the worse your chances are of retaining your vision in the affected eye. Retinal detachment cuts the sensitive tissues off from the oxygen and nutrients they need to thrive. The longer the retina is in this state, the more damage it will suffer. As soon as someone suspects a detached retina, Naples, FL citizens should contact Malkani Retina Center for emergency treatment.

Dr. Malkani is affiliated with six hospitals and has 17 years of experience performing advanced and complicated retina surgeries. With years of specialized training and education in his background from top-tier Universities, Dr. Malkani knows the most current treatments for a detached retina. He served as an investigator on a clinical trial for Immusol Phase II of VIT 100, a new treatment for the prevention of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR). PVR is a complication that sometimes comes from retinal detachment surgery. Staying on the cutting-edge of treatment options for detached retinas enables Dr. Malkani to offer the best treatment options.

If you have a detached retina, you have one of three types:

  1. The most common type of retinal detachment, this occurs when the retina has a hole or tear and begins to separate from its position in the back of the eye. This type requires urgent treatment to prevent permanent blindness.
  2. Tractional detached retinas occur the most commonly in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. A severe diabetic eye disease can form scar tissue on the surface of the retina, pulling and contracting the retina away from the back of the eye. Read about diabetic retinopathy.
  3. If fluid is leaking beneath the retina from an abnormal blood vessel, hypertension in the eye, an inflammatory lesion, or even a tumor, you have exudative retinal detachment.

What are My Options for a Detached Retina in Naples, FL?

At Malkani Retina Center, physicians will conduct a dilated eye exam to diagnose your retinal detachment. Naples, FL patients whom Dr. Malkani diagnoses with retinal detachment have a variety of treatment options available to repair the retina, return it to its natural position, and preserve vision:

  • Laser or freezing treatment. Malkani Retina Center has the most advanced laser and freezing equipment to seal holes and tears in the retina, effectively preventing retinal detachment. This is the best option for patients who discover the problem early, before detachment can occur. Laser or freezing methods “spot-weld” holes closed.
  • Scleral buckle. A scleral buckle is a special technique to return the retina to the right place. It uses a tiny silicone band to gently push the eye’s wall and the detached retina together.
  • Vitrectomy is a surgery in which the surgeon makes tiny, precise holes in the white part of the eye. This allows needle-like instruments to go inside the eye and remove vitreous jelly. The retina gets flattened against the back wall of the eye, after which the surgeon lasers it in place.
  • Gas bubble. The surgeon will insert a temporary gas bubble in place of the vitreous fluid removed to aid healing. The bubble will disappear in a couple of weeks, dissolving on its own and leaving the retina securely in place.

Some patients will need some combination of laser, scleral buckle, vitrectomy, and gas bubble procedures for the best outcomes. Others will need more than one treatment to repair a retinal detachment. Naples, FL patients need to consult with Dr. Malkani and his team in person to understand their unique retinal detachments and the best treatment options for them.

Ready to Repair a Detached Retina? Contact Malkani Retina Center

As soon as you experience sudden flashes and/or floaters in your field of vision, contact Malkani Retina Center at (239) 324-4888 to set up an emergency appointment. Tell our friendly, human representative who answers the phone what symptoms you’re experiencing and that you suspect you’re suffering a retinal detachment. If our physicians diagnose a detached retina, Naples, FL patients can rest assured they are in good hands with Dr. Malkani and his skilled team of physicians.


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