Flashes And Floaters Fort Myers, FL

Flashes And Floaters Fort Myers, FLSeeing small spots “drifting” across your vision is a common problem ophthalmologists refer to as flashes and floaters. Fort Myers, FL patients experiencing this condition can rely on Malkani Retina Center for a comprehensive eye exam, expert treatment advice, and high-quality surgeries and therapies to eliminate flashes and floaters for good. Dr. Malkani, founder and director of Malkani Retina Center in Fort Myers, has more than 17 years of experience handling retinal conditions that cause or are related to seeing spots in vision. As soon as you notice flashes and floaters, visit our office to better understand your condition.

Facts About Flashes and Floaters in Your Vision

If you’re experiencing flashes, floaters, specks, spots, or “cobwebs” drifting aimlessly around your vision, tiny portions of the eye’s vitreous have broken loose and are floating through the watery center within the inner portion of the back of the eye. This is a common condition, especially in those over 45. As we get older, the naturally gel-like vitreous liquefies and becomes more watery in substance.

Pieces of the vitreous that do not dissolve occasionally break away and float around in the center of the vitreous. These particles cast shadows on the retina when light passes through the eye, creating the appearance of flashes and floaters. Fort Myers, FL citizens who notice these shadows should visit Malkani Retina Center right away for a full exam and professional diagnosis. While flashes and floaters are typically not an emergency, about 40% of the time they can result from a more serious condition known as retinal detachment. Read about the implications of retinal detachment.

If you notice sudden flashes or “showers” of floaters in your vision, it may be the vitreous gel pulling away from the wall of the eye, which can tear the retina. This can lead to bleeding inside the eye, which may appear like more floaters. Seek the attention of an eye care professional right away if you notice these symptoms:

  • Abrupt increase in the size and number of floaters
  • Sudden flashes
  • Seeing a shadow or “curtain” in your peripheral vision
  • Seeing a gray curtain appear across your field of vision
  • Sudden vision loss

These signs may point to a retinal detachment or tear, especially if they appear suddenly. Flashes and floaters may also be a sign of posterior vitreous detachment (PVD), especially if you have risk factors for this condition, such as having an eye injury, eye inflammation, past cataract surgery, or are nearsighted. Malkani Retina Center has the tools and resources you need to understand and repair your flashes and floaters. Fort Myers, FL patients trust Dr. Malkani and his team to successfully eliminate bothersome vision spots and more complex retinal issues.

Treatments Available for Flashes and Floaters in Fort Myers, FL

If you visit the Malkani Retina Center for flashes and floaters in Fort Myers, FL, Dr. Malkani will first conduct a comprehensive, dilated eye exam to find out if the symptoms are simply floating pieces of vitreous or if they are signs of a more serious retinal complication. If the dark specks are not an emergency, but they are large enough to impede your vision or be significantly irritating, Dr. Malkani may recommend one of two options:

  1. Laser therapy. Laser vitreolysis is a newer, safer method to treat floaters than vitrectomy, which is a surgery to repair the spots. Laser vitreolysis uses state-of-the-art equipment to direct a laser beam into the eye through the pupil. The beam targets floaters, breaking them apart and vaporizing them so they disappear or become much less noticeable. Dr. Malkani will assess your individual situation to see if you qualify for this treatment or if you’d be better served with a vitrectomy.
  2. Vitrectomy surgery. Vitrectomy can repair holes or tears in the retina, removing the vitreous gel and relieving traction. A temporary gas bubble replaces the vitreous liquid and disappears after about two weeks. If flashes and floaters stem from a more serious condition such as tears in the retina, you’ll need treatment as soon as possible to reattach the retina and/or repair the holes to prevent permanent vision loss.

Each case is different, and you will need to consult with a professional retina surgeon before deciding on which treatment is right for you to repair flashes and floaters. Fort Myers, FL people with this condition know they can trust Malkani Retina Center for the best possible treatments available in the industry.

Why Choose Malkani Retina Center for Treatment?

Malkani Retina Center surpasses other treatment centers in Southwest Florida because it’s founded and directed by Sunil M. Malkani, M.D. Dr. Malkani is a renowned vitreoretinal surgeon in his field and has won awards for his patient care and experience. He graduated with honors in Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Research from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and earned the title of Chief Resident at the University of South Carolina Department of Ophthalmology. His professional affiliations include the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Florida Medical Association.

Dr. Malkani stays on top of ongoing trends and research in the field of retinal diseases, so he can bring the most current treatment options to his patients suffering flashes and floaters in Fort Myers, FL. With high-tech lasers for expert treatments and a trained and knowledgeable staff, Malkani Retina Center has everything you need to successfully eliminate spots in your field of vision and halt eyesight loss due to other retina complications. Learn more about Dr. Malkani’s education, training, research, and publications.

When you choose Malkani Retina Center, our physicians treat you with expert care. Dr. Malkani has won the On-Time Doctor Award from Vitals, a site that uses patient reviews and testimonials to assess local doctors. The site has also awarded him the Patients’ Choice Award for the immense difference he’s made in patients’ lives. Malkani Retina Center is patient-focused, bringing a warm, human touch to the field of retina care.

If you’re ready to experience the Malkani Retina Center difference, fill out our online contact form for a quick and easy way to communicate with our team. Dr. Malkani and his staff will answer your request right away, booking an appointment to investigate your flashes and floaters. Fort Myers, FL citizens can call (239) 324-4888 to get in touch with a representative immediately.


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