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Flashes And Floaters Naples, FLFor the best treatments for eye flashes and floaters Naples, FL has to offer, patients trust Malkani Retina Center. As a premier location in its field, Malkani Retina Center has the resources and state-of-the-art equipment to help patients repair and recover from eye conditions that cause flashes, spots, shadows, and floaters. When the eye’s vitreous gel breaks loose in tiny pieces within the inner back portion of the eye, it causes tiny spots and flecks in the vision. Floaters and flashes are relatively common and aren’t usually an emergency – although they can be irritating and impede vision.

What Causes Flashes and Floaters?

At early ages, the eye’s vitreous liquids have a gel-like consistency. As we age, however, the vitreous dissolves and liquefies into a watery center. Occasionally, small undissolved vitreous particles will float around in the center, taking many shapes and sizes. These are what we call eye floaters. Floaters and spots are particularly noticeable if you look at a clear sky or a computer screen with a white background. The debris floating at the back of your eye creates shadows on the retina, which is what you are able to see.

The occasional floater drifting through your vision is not cause for alarm, but a shower of spots and flashes of light require the attention of a retina care professional. When the vitreous pulls away from the retina, or the retina dislodges from the back of the inner lining, it can cause the abrupt appearance of flashes and floaters. Naples, FL patients who notice this symptom should visit Malkani Retina Center right away before either of these conditions results in permanent vision loss. Among people who experience sudden floaters and flashes, about 40% have a posterior vitreous and about 9% have tears in their retinas.

Flashes and floaters in Naples, FL are the most common in people with certain risk factors, although they can affect anyone. This condition is most common in those who:

  • Are over the age of 45
  • Suffered eye or head trauma/injury
  • Are nearsighted
  • Have undergone an operation for cataracts
  • Have had laser surgery of the eye
  • Have experienced swelling and inflammation inside the eye

While not all flashes and floaters within your vision are serious, some are. Always get a professional eye exam if you experience these symptoms. Dr. Malkani and his staff can check to ensure your retina isn’t damaged or detached, and they will recommend treatment to repair your vision and/or slow the effects of a harmful condition.

Malkani Retina Center Know How to Treat Flashes and Floaters

When you visit Malkani Retina Center for the sudden appearance of flashes, spots, and floaters, here’s what to expect:

  1. Attend the appointment at your scheduled time. An experienced physician will conduct a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Dilating your eyes makes them sensitive to the light for five to seven hours, requiring you to have a ride to and from the office.
  2. Discover the source of the problem. The physician will diagnose your condition as posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) or retinal detachment. PVD is much more common and is often not an emergency. However, some can damage the retina by pulling on it and causing a tear.
  3. Choose a treatment. If you have large, persistent floaters, PVD, or retinal detachment, the physician will recommend treatment. For large floaters with no other complications, we may recommend laser vitreolysis or vitrectomy surgery, however, this is not commonly necessary. For retinal detachment, which is an emergency, we use a laser or freezing treatment to seal holes and then a number of other treatments to put the retina back in place. Learn more about retinal detachment.
  4. Engage with our friendly, knowledgeable staff. Before your procedure, we’ll answer any questions you may have and give you our expert opinion on your prognosis. Then, our top-notch retina surgeons will operate as your condition warrants, using state-of-the-art eye equipment and lasers.
  5. Relax and recover. After your treatment, we’ll recommend a recovery plan. Typically, you will need a few days to a week to fully recover from retina surgery, in which time you must avoid direct sunlight and wear dark sunglasses when outside. Dr. Malkani and his staff will follow up with you with additional appointments to check on your vision and ensure there are no more flashes and floaters. Naples, FL patients can trust Malkani Retina Center for the best possible eye care.

If you opt for our laser vitreolysis treatment for flashes, spots, and floaters, this is a painless outpatient procedure. We’ll apply an anesthetic to your eyes and use a special type of contact lens. Then, our expert surgeon will project the precise laser beam directly on the floaters causing the symptoms. Find out what other vitreoretinal diseases we treat.

Meet Dr. Malkani, Our Expert Retina Surgeon

If you require any type of surgery to repair flashes and floaters in Naples, FL, Dr. Malkani will likely be your surgeon. Sunil M. Malkani, M.D. is the director and founder of Malkani Retina Center and is a renowned vitreoretinal disease surgeon. He specializes in retinal diseases such as detached retina, macular degeneration, and other conditions. People trust Dr. Malkani with their eyes and vision because he has extensive education and experience in the industry. Working with retinas for more than 17 years has trained Dr. Malkani to navigate the retina with expert finesse and attention to detail.

Dr. Malkani has investigated the latest treatments available to treat eye conditions that currently have no cure, including dry macular degeneration and the proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) as a complication of retinal detachment surgery. His research has been published in numerous national medical journals, and he’s also given presentations and displayed exhibits at conferences such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the International Society of Ocular Toxicology. Read more about Dr. Malkani to get to know him before your appointment.

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